Fall Poems

Five Autumn LeavesFive autumn leaves  hanging from a tree (hold up 5
The first one said “Very soon we’ll be  free.”
The second one 
                       said, “I’m  falling to the
                       The third one said, “I’ll sail to 
                       The fourth one said, “lets not
                       The fifth one said, Fall sure is 
                       great! (hold up respective
ScarecrowScarecrow (tune of twinkle twinkle little star)
Scarecrow, scarecrow turn around,
Scarecrow scarecrow touch the ground.
Stand up tall and blink your
                       Raise your hands up to the 
                       Clap your hands then tap your
                       Turn around and tap your feet.
                       Scarecrow, scarecrow touch 
                       your toes.
                       Scarecrow, scarecrow tap your
                       Swing your arms so very  
                       Now real fast to scare the 
                       Raise your head, jump up and
Now sit down without a
ScarecrowThe old scarecrow is such a funny man.
He flops in the wind as hard as he can.
He flops to the right,
He flops to the left.
He flops back and forth
                        Till he’s almost out of breath.
                        His arms swing out; his legs
                        swing, too.
                        He nods his head in a How-do
                        See him flippity flop when the
                        wind blows hard,
                        The funny scarecrow in our 

Whisky,frisky,hippity hop:
Up he goes to the tree top. (hold up  arm)
Whirly,twirly,round and round:  (move arm in circle)
Down he scampers to the
                  ground (bring arm down)
                  Furly, curly, what a tail:
                  tall as a feather, broad as a snail. 
                 (extend arms vertically and
                 Where’s his supper?
                 It’s  in the shell.
                 Snippity, crickity, out it fell.
Farmer Brown Had 10 Red ApplesFarmer Brown had 10 red apples hanging from a tree
(hold up ten fingers)
He picked one apple
and ate it hungrily 
(hold hand
up to mouth like eating an  

(Continue by counting down the number of apples)
A Little Red AppleA Little Red Apple
A little red apple (form circle with hands)
Hung  high in a tree. (reach up)
I looked  up at it, (look up)
                        And it looked  down at me.
                        “Come down, please,” I 
                        And what do you suppose?
                        That little red apple  (form 
                        circle with hands)
                        Dropped  right on my nose!
                       (point to nose)
                                                                        ~Marguerite Gode
5 Little Apples Hanging In A Tree (sung to tune of “Five Little Monkeys”)5 Little Apples hanging from a tree,
Teasing Farmer Brown “Can’t Pick Me,”
Along came Farmer Brown as quiet as can be,
And he picked one apple right out of that tree!
4 Little Apples hanging in a tree, 
Teasing Farmer Brown “Can’t Pick me,”
Along came Farmer Brown as quiet as can
And he picked one apple right out of that
3 Little Apples hanging from a tree,
Teasing Farmer Brown “Can’t pick me,”
Along came Farmer Brown as quiet as can be,
And he picked one apple right out of that 
2 Little Apples hanging in a tree,
Teasing Farmer Brown “Can’t pick me,”
Along came Farmer Brown as quiet as can be,
And he picked one apple right out of that
1 Little Apple hanging in a Tree,
Teasing Farmer Brown “Can’t pick me,”
Along came Farmer Brown as quiet as can be,
And he picked that apple right out of that
No more apples hanging in the tree,
Farmer Brown picked them and shared one 
with me,
The rest are in a pie, as warm as can be,
Topped with yummy ice cream and served 
with tea!
      ~Debby Hill
Five Little TurkeysFive little Turkeys by the front door,(hold up 5 fingers)
One waddled off,and then there were four (put one finger down)
Four little Turkeys out 
                           under a tree, 
                           one waddled off and then 
                           there were three (put 
                           another finger down)
                           Three little Turkeys with
                           nothing to do, 
                           one waddled off and then 
                           there were two (put down 
                           another finger)
                           Two little Turkeys in the 
                           noonday sun,
                           one waddled off then there
                           was one (put down another
                          One little Turkey, he better 
                          run away,for soon it will be
                          Thanksgiving Day!! (hide 
                          finger behind back)
Five Fat TurkeysFive Fat Turkeys
Five fat Turkeys are we,
we slept all night in a tree
When the cook came
around we couldn’t be found,
                          so  that’s why we’re here 
                          you see.
What Am I?I See something Big and Round,
I see something on the ground.
It’s Orange and Smoothe,  
It harvests in the Fall.
                                Their sometimes big, 
                                medium, and yes small.
                                Can you guess what I 
                                can see?
                                Raise your hand and tell
                                it to me!
                                                  ~Debby Hill
Five Little AcornsFive little acorns, lying on the ground,
The first one said “oh my I’m getting round.”
The second one said “I think I’m  fat,”
The third one said “I have a
                        nice hat,”
                        The fourth one said  “There’s
                        a squirrel over there.
                        The fifth one said “well I 
                        don’t care.”
                        Down came the squirrel and
                        swept them all away, up to 
                        his nest for a cold winter day.
                      ~Debby Hill                                                     
ScarecrowThe floppy, floppy scarecrow (flop around waving arms)
Guards his field all day. (stand at attention, arms straight out)
He waves his floppy, floppy hands  
                            (arms extended, waving
                            To scare the crows away.
                            (flap arms like a bird)

ScarecrowScarecrow, scarecrow how scary can you be?
You scared ______ (say a child’s ncme) but you cant scare me!
Taking A WalkTaking A Walk
Taking a walk 
is so much fun.
We don’t hurry;
we  don’t run.(move finger
                   We watch for birds; we watch
                   for bees.(point to eye)
                   We look for all the falling
                   leaves. (flutter fingers)
                                      ~Mary Jackson Ellis
Two Little BlackbirdsTwo Little Blackbirds
Two little  blackbirds
sitting on a hill. (lift pointer finger)
One named Jack. (wiggle
                           One named Jill. (wiggle
                           other pointer)
                           Fly away Jack. (put first
                           pointer behind  back)
                           Fly away Jill.  (put other
                           pointer behind back)
                           Come back Jack. (bring  
                           first pointer in front 
                           Come back Jill (bring
                           second pointer in front 
The Turkey is a funny bird
It’s head goes bobble-bobble,
and all he knows is just one
word…and that is gobble-
Way Up HighWay up high in the apple tree (hands above head)
Two little apples smiled at me. (form apples with hands still raised)
I shook that tree as hard as I
could (shaking motion)
                         Down came the apples. 
                         (drop hands)
                         Ummmmmmmmm. Were 
                         they good! (rub stomach)
Picking Apples (tune to “Are You Sleeping”)Picking apples
picking apples
one by one
one by one
Put them in a  basket
Put them in a basket
Oh what fun! 
Oh what fun!
Apple SeedTune to :Insey Weensy Spider
The tiny little apple seed 
was planted in the ground, 
down came the rain, 
falling all around, 
out came the sun, 
                        as bright as bright can be, 
                        and the tiny little appleseed 
                        became an apple tree!         
ThanksgivingThe year has turned its circle,
the seasons come and go.
The harvest is all gathered in,
and chilly north winds blow.
Orchards have shared their treasures,
                   the fields, their yellow grain.
                   So open wide the doorway,
                   Thanksgiving comes again!
Have You Ever Seen An Apple?Have You Ever Seen An Apple (tune of Have you ever seen a Lassie)

                           Have you ever seen an
                           apple,an apple, an apple
                           Have you ever seen an
                           apple that grows on a tree?
                           A Red one, a Yellow one, a
                           Green one, a Golden one.
                           Have you ever seen an
                           apple that grows a on a
                                           Five Oak LeavesFive beautiful leaves in an Oak tree,
One fell down to see what he could see.
The second one held on with all his might,
The third one said  
“This is quite a sight!”
                              The fourth one cried
                              “I want to fly!”
                              The fifth one said “I
                              can’t imagine why.”
                              Wooooo came the
                              wind and swept them
                              all away,
                              Taken from their
                              home on this cold,
                              windy day.
                                                ~Debby Hill
Five Little SkeletonsFive little skeletons dancing in the door,
One tripped and fell, and now there’s only four.
Four little skeletons happy as can be,
One fell apart, and now there’s only three.
Three little skeletons stirring up some brew,
One fell in, and now there’s only two.
Two little skeletons looking for some fun,
One got lost, and now there’s only one.
One little skeleton, nothing left to do,
It’s Halloween, and he’s coming for you! Boo!
                                  ~Author Unknown
ApplesApples here (point to yourself)
Apples there (point away)
Apples are  growing everywhere 
(hands form a circle the world)
Some are high 
(point up)
Some are low 
(point down)
You will see apples wherever you go 
(point to eyes)
Apples on the left 
(extend left arm)
Apples on the right
(extend  right arm)
You will see
(point to eyes again)
Both day and night
(Hands together and head down on them)
Eat An AppleEat an apple,
Save the core.
Plant the seeds,
And grow some more!
       ~Author Unknown
Here We Go Round The Apple TreeHere we go round the apple tree,
The apple tree, the apple tree.
Here we go round the apple tree,
So early in the morning.
Verse 2: This is  the way we plant the seeds.
Verse 3: This is the way the little seed  sprouts.
Verse 4: This is the way it grows to a tree.
Verse 5: This is the  way the flowers blossom.
Verse 6: This is the way the apples grow.
Verse  7: This is the way the apples are picked.
Mr. TurkeyThis is Mr. Turkey (hold hand
His feather’s are so bright (wiggle last four fingers)
This is Mr. Turkey (Keep hand
Hiding late at night (close hand)
This is Mr. Turkey on Thanksgiving Day (hide hand behind back)
Hiding from the farmer far far away!

Debby Hill
Apple TreeThis is the tree With leaves so green.(make leaves with fingers outstretched)
Here are the apples
That hang in between.(make fist)
When the wind blows (blow)
The apples will fall, (falling  motion with hand)
Here is the basket to gather them all. (use arms to form basket) 
Leaves Are Dancing (tune to “Are You Sleeping”) Leaves are Dancing. Leaves are dancing
All around, all around
All the leaves are dancing, All the leaves are dancing.
On the ground, On the ground
Five Little PumpkinsFive Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate,
The First one said “Oh my it’s getting late!”
The second one said “There’s a chill in the air.”
The Third one said “But we
                          don’t care!”
                          The Fourth one said “let’s
                          Run and Run and Run.”
                          The Fifth one said “I’m 
                          ready for some fun.”
                          Oooooooo went the wind.
                          and Out went the lights!
                          And the five little pumpkins
                          rolled out of sight!

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